School Guidelines

Language: All your speech and conduct should manifest Christian love, compassion and consideration for others. No swearing or crude conversation. Honor your brothers and sisters.

In Language – Eph. 4:29, 5:4

In Action – Eph. 5:8-9, 1 Jn. 3:18

Activity Participation: Students participate in all scheduled classes and activities. If there are no scheduled activities, and you have “free” time, you may leave the campus as long as you let someone know. You must inform David or Dawn first. Please show up on time.

Substances: Drugs, nicotine, and/or alcohol are NOT permitted on the property, or in the possession of any student. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes. Any student found in violation will be dismissed or placed on probation.

Dating: While attending CW, dating is not permitted.

Dress Code: Each student is asked to uphold a clean, modest and non-distracting appearance in the way they dress for all meetings, classes, services and gatherings.

-Women – no short shorts / cleavage / leggings (ok with long top). Daily dress code is casual.

-Men – no short shorts/cleavage/leggings (ever). No speed-Os. No sagging pants. Must wear a shirt at all times in public. Daily dress code is casual.

Church dress code: Business Casual

Online Purity: Covenant Eyes will be installed on all your electronic devices. This software submits reports about your internet activity to create safeguards against temptation. Dawn will review female students and David will review male students.

Electronic Protocol

-Level 1 is “unplugged.” Students turn in their cell phones and laptops for one month. We can schedule times individually for you to check in with family via phone or email.

-No Television, video games, or laptop privileges during Level 1.

-During Level 2, your electronic privileges will be reintroduced beginning in Level 2, there will be no video games or video game systems allowed in your rooms.