Our Core Values

At CrossWalk, these are the truths we live by, and what you will learn to become.

Sons and Daughters

We are all irreplaceable members of God’s family. We explore our identity as royal sons and daughters in a loyal family atmosphere. We train people for adulthood and spiritual maturity in a loving community that sees their priceless value!

Defined by His Love

The Father loved us first! He is always ready to pour His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit! He tells us who we really are: His beloved. When we know our identity, love becomes our character and our lifestyle. We will reject the world’s labels and define people the way God does: loved.

Renewed by His Word

When His Word becomes real to us, greatness and purpose flow into our lives. We dig deeply into the scriptures so that we can know and experience the Author every day! We soak in the Word of God until we encounter the God of the Word.

Empowered by Grace

We are not saved and then left to figure life out on our own. Grace is the power to manifest and reveal Jesus, and it’s always available when we ask. We train people to depend on the Spirit’s power and grace, not on human effort and skill. We can’t earn what He freely gives—and He freely gives us all we need!

Breathing out Worship

When we make space for the Lord in worship, He fills the gap and meets us in glory. We host God by preparing His temple with song, thanksgiving and reverence. We prepare others to enjoy eternity in His loving presence!

Aware of His Voice

We believe God speaks today, even more than we want to listen. We partner with the prophetic culture of our local church to equip people in discerning His words and delivering them in love. We will activate others in words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy. We long to build up God’s people and reveal His heart to the lost.

Standing with Honor

We thrive in the culture of the kingdom! We respect God’s appointed authority and call out the strength in others. We believe in speaking life to one another, encouraging the hearts of those around us, and shining as lights in our community. We act and speak like citizens of heaven.

Advancing His Kingdom

We cross barriers to share the good news about Jesus! We believe that Christ calls us to momentum in ministry, so we step out in love and risk. Signs and wonders will follow us and confirm our message as we reach out to rescue the lost. We embrace a lifestyle of spiritual warfare, and bring the kingdom of God to earth.

Pursuing the Greater

We believe Jesus told the truth when He promised we would do greater works and miracles than He did (John 14:12). We expect to see the sick healed, the dead raised, the lost saved and the broken comforted. We are hungry for more of God to be revealed by our lives! We believe for the greater things while seeing Jesus in every person.

You can read more about our doctrinal beliefs in our Statement of Faith.