meet the team

David and Dawn Lien, Incoming Directors

David and Dawn Lien got married in 2017 after spending their twenties walking with Jesus. They are passionate about making a difference and living lives that count for eternity. They are called to bring God’s revival, love and power to the next generation!

For six years, Dawn served overseas as a missionary and nurse for Iris Ministries. While living in Mozambique and Madagascar, she partnered with a faithful team in pursuit of Christ’s glory. As part of her mission, Dawn helped care for orphans, establish a school, treat the sick, provide for malnourished infants and share the gospel. Dawn loves helping those in need and encouraging Christians to take risks for Jesus. She also loves winning card games, board games, and anything else you can win!

David loves Jesus, people, evangelism and the Word. For the last eight years, he has served in Santa Barbara, California as a street evangelist, college leader, youth minister, bible college teacher and associate pastor. He burns with a desire to declare the beauty of God and the gospel of Jesus. He also loves reading, writing, marveling at God’s creation, and movie quotes!

David and Dawn can’t wait to meet you and help you deepen your relationship with God!

Jonathan and Shelly Foley, Outgoing Directors

Jonathan and Shelly Foley are dynamic leaders in our community today.  Their hearts are to see the millennial and young adult generations rise to positions of responsibility, stability, and strength through a strong understanding of God, His church, and their identity with Him.

An important part of Shelly’s heart is a desire to advance high moral standards and bring spiritual impact to the business arena. For 13 years she has operated a successful financial consulting business. She transitioned into the corporate finance world in 2012, where she continues to function today.  Further, she has consistently served in ministry in some capacity for 17 years, and has received ministry training through much of that time.  Her role as a mother of two has been tremendous. She continues to provide financial, emotional, and spiritual support to her family.

Jonathan has built his life toward the hope of serving God. He does this by giving all he has to following God’s plan and purpose.  That journey has included both biblical training within the church and secular training in economics and public administration within the California State University system.  Having achieved a BA, Economics at CSU Stanislaus, an MA, Public Administration with Nonprofit Emphasis, and a Word of Life Minister’s appointment, Jonathan uses his skills to propel individuals to rise above challenges and obtain success in the will of God. 

As a father and mother of two boys, Jonathan and Shelly model how a joyful and loving family is possible. Together they share a testimony of learning how to live an impactful and balanced life with family, work, and ministry.

Bob and Cindy Wilk, Pastors WLF School of Ministry

Bob oversees CrossWalk and is the Pastor of Word of Life Fellowship’s School of Ministry. His mission is to empower people to experience God’s kingdom and fulfill the Lord’s calling on their life. He has been part of the leadership team at Word of Life Fellowship for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of pastoral experience and gifted insight to the ministry. Bob is an anointed teacher, prophet, counselor and administrator. He and his wife Cindy have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Pat and Celene McDonald, Pastors WLF

Pat and Celene have been the senior Pastors of Word of Life Fellowship for over 10 years, and were the youth Pastors there for over 20 years. They have a burning desire to see young people grounded in the Word of God and living as disciples of Jesus.