Life in the Sierras

During your time at the CrossWalk School of Discipleship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy all the activities mountain-life has to offer. Below are a few of our favorite places to explore!

The CrossWalk Campus is located in the quaint village of Mi Wuk, located in the Stanislaus National Forest. Our town is surrounded by towering trees and mountain views. Click on the link below for directions!

Yosemite National Park

Located about 90 minutes from campus, Yosemite National Park offers great hiking and majestic views. It is a perfect location to encounter God and enjoy nature.

Pinecrest Lake

Photo by Pinecrest Lake Resort

Pinecrest Lake is located only 15 minutes up the highway from our campus. In the fall and spring, Pinecrest Lake offers fun water activities such as boating, kayaking, and swimming as well as beautiful hiking trails!

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

Caleb Kirk

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is located only 30 minutes up the road from our campus! If you want to brave the cold during the winter months for a thrilling adventure, you can hit the slopes and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing trips and sledding!

Big Trees State Park

Big Trees State Park is located about 1.5 hours from our campus. Get ready to feel small as you tour one of the most amazing Sequoia groves in America. This park boasts of ancient trees hundreds of feet high. It’s a wonderful place to see the grandeur of God and spend time with Him!

City of Sonora

Sonora is located about 15 minutes down the mountain and offers everything you would want from a small city. Sonora offers shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, coffee shops, and parks!

Moaning Caverns

The stunning Moaning Caverns is located 45 minutes from campus. There are lots of adventures to be had at this park! You can explore the caverns on foot, try spelunking, or take a ride on the zip lines!