Extend Outline

CrossWalk Extend is a 10-month program designed to free you from the bondage of your past and train you to walk with God on a daily basis.

Below is a sketch of how the 10-months will unfold, and what will be required of you as a student.

Opening Weekend:

  • “Encounter Retreat” (late August or early September).
  • You will get your discipleship journey off to a running start!
  • You will either attend this weekend in person at our campus, or you can attend virtually via Zoom.
  • You will meet your teachers and mentors.
  • You will meet and bond with your fellow students who will travel with you into the heart of God.
  • You will experience personal prophecy, deliverance, worship, encounters with God, and deep teaching about your identity in Christ.

Program requirements by time-frame:


  • You will read through the Scriptures using a 1-year plan. Each day’s reading will consist of 3-5 chapters from the Bible.
  • Watch a short devotional video  from Pastor David. (5 days a week)
  • Post a response to the daily reading (2-3 sentences) on our virtual discussion group.


  • Attend 1 class via Zoom. (Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm)
  • Memorize one Bible verse
  • Listen to 1 teacher-assigned audio sermon per week and record your reflections on it in a 3-5 minute phone video
  • Write 1 “application report” written each week
  • Record your volunteer or ministry hours, what happened, results, and follow-up (1 page written or 3 minute phone video).
  • Volunteer at your local church. Send in quarterly reports from your pastor to verify.

Bi Weekly

  • Meet with your spiritual mentor in person or remotely. This is a 1-hr meeting focusing on your spiritual development and calling.


  • Test (memory verses and classes)
  • Evangelistic outreach once per month. Serve your community by sharing the gospel, then report back to your class about how it went.
  • Review with a Director


  • Your local pastor will send us a review of your volunteer hours and spiritual progress
  • Submit a 3-5 page report on the assigned book for the quarter


  • Join mission trips with live-in CrossWalk students, for an additional trip fee. Possible opportunities (subject to change due to Covid restrictions):
    • Santa Barbara
    • San Diego
    • Tecate, Mexico