Extend Guidelines

At CrossWalk Extend, wepromote healthy fellowship with God and people. We want to create a culturewhere honor, modesty and self-control hang in the atmosphere.

Below are some requirementsand commitments each Extend student must accept before enrolling. Please readthrough these commitments prayerfully before you make them.


All your speech, writing, andconduct should manifest Christian love, compassion and consideration forothers. No swearing or crude conversation. Honor your brothers and sisters.

In Language – Eph. 4:29, 5:4

In Action – Eph. 5:8-9, 1 Jn.3:18


Students must participate inall scheduled classes and complete all assignments and local outreaches.

Academic Probation:

If you fall behind on class attendance or assignments, you will meet with a Director to help you get back on track. More than two weeks of backlog will mean probation. If you fall more than 1 month behind the rest of the class, you will be dismissed. This is to keep you consistent and accountable in your commitment to discipleship, and to help you overcome obstacles!


We require all Extend students to commit to sobriety during your time as a disciple. Enrolling in Extend means you will commit to being drug, alcohol and tobacco free for the duration of the 2-year school.

If you visit our campus,drugs, nicotine, and/or alcohol are NOT permitted on the property, or in thepossession of any student. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes. Any studentfound in violation will be dismissed or placed on probation.

Dress Code:

Each student is asked touphold a clean, modest and non-distracting appearance in the way they dress forall online and in-person meetings, classes, services and gatherings.

-Women – no short shorts /cleavage / leggings (ok with long top). Daily dress code is casual.

-Men – no shortshorts/cleavage/leggings (ever). No speed-Os. No sagging pants. Must wear ashirt at all times in public. Daily dress code is casual.