School Outline

Jesus is building complete Christians–body, soul and spirit. Here, you’ll pick up essential skills for practical living. You can learn a lot in 9 months! You’ll also engage in loving service to the church and the community. Learn to step out, break barriers, and share your faith with power!

Our training is divided into four levels: 

Level 1 – Personal Relationship with God
The first month is the introduction level and is “unplugged.” Your focus will be on Christ alone. This is a time to saturate yourself in the Word, prayer and worship. Here, in a place of peace, you can transition away from the media’s influence into a daily, intimate friendship with God.

Level 2 – The Church
During the next three months, you will identify your spiritual gifts and calling. You’ll be activated in these gifts and given opportunities to use them. We’ll focus on teaching, discussion, and application, partnering with ministries in various parts of California. You’ll also receive practical ministry training based on God’s calling (worship, audio/visual, youth ministry, etc.).

Level 3 – The World (evangelism and missions)
The next three months are about faith! This is risk and experience! Evangelism, mercy ministry, and community outreaches will be provided. Students will go on mission trips and help local families and charities. Let’s reach and revive our world with the love of God!

Level 4 – Walking Victoriously
In the final two months, you will take on more responsibilities. You’ll be encouraged to find a job and apply your training to “real life.” You’ll make plans for the future and pursue your passions. You’ll be challenged to prioritize your private devotions, church ministry, and daily life in the workplace. Through it all, you are salt and light. Go make disciples of your own!

When you successfully complete Level 4, you’ll be eligible for graduation. Our church will provide a formal ceremony, including worship and a time of prophecy. You’ll receive personal direction from the Lord through the “laying on of hands” (Hebrews 6:2). Invite your family, friends and spiritual leaders back home to celebrate with you!

A disciple of Jesus learns from Him in every way. You’ll pick up many skills for daily living during your training. We cover finances/budget, cooking, time management, relationships, conflict resolution, resumes, job interviews and much more.  This practical skill-set can open doors for ministry and free a disciple to meet the needs of others.

As a CrossWalk student, you’ll have opportunities for “hands on” ministry experiences at various church services or events. This may include prayer, sharing a testimony, singing or playing an instrument in the worship team (if you are gifted in that way) or serving as an usher. There are also opportunities in audio/video, graphics, youth ministry, and administration.

OUTREACH TRAINING You will also serve in community outreaches throughout the year, which may include feeding the homeless, volunteering at a local charity, helping with a local church service, and more. You may also have the opportunity to go on a mission-trip during Level 3!