Who We Are

CrossWalk trains you to walk with Jesus as a fully-equipped disciple. We have two school platforms. First, we offer a residential, full-immersion school in the mountains near Yosemite; this school is for young adults (age 18-25), and runs for 9 months. We also offer CrossWalk Extend, a 10-month program for adults of all ages. CrossWalk Extend offers online classes, and is intended to help you balance family, work and school with your spiritual journey. For information specific to CrossWalk Extend, click HERE!

Our mission is to empower you! We want you to hear God for yourself and live His Word in every part of your life: from family and career to ministry. At CrossWalk, you’ll enjoy in-depth teaching in a classroom setting, as well as outdoor devotions! You’ll learn to pray and worship with passion. Expect rich times of spiritual activation, committed mentorship, and God-encounters!

Jesus said, “Follow Me,” and He says it to you today. Are you ready to answer His call and become a true disciple?

CrossWalk leads you on a journey of intimacy with God! CrossWalk students immerse their lives in the Lord. Our training consists of biblical instruction and prayer-drenched application. No subject will be off-limits as we seek to mature in the mind of Christ.

Discover witness! We spend ourselves in worship, service and sharing the gospel. Power evangelism, prophetic ministry and loving mercy will flow from you as you devote yourself to the service of the Savior.

Discover family! This is a place where students become brothers and sisters. Play together, live together, serve together and grow together. Mentors, Pastors, Mothers and Fathers will surround you and point you to your calling. Experience the heartbeat of fellowship!